We are privileged to be 12th and 13th generation Philbricks of Rye. In earlier years, Rye was dotted with quaint seaside cottages. It seems to be an era gone by; where flying a kite, reading a book or strolling the beach have been reduced to busy work days, traffic jams and video games. Preparing a meal with family and friends has been replaced by take out windows and room service. Philbrick's by the Sea is uniquely timeless. We have made this beautiful property our home and invite you to be our guests. If you are like minded and looking for a quiet holiday, we may be just the spot for you. We are comfortable not offering room service, daily housekeeping, valet parking or reward points. Philbrick's by the Sea offers a step back in time with gentle hospitality, beautiful sunrises and the simplicity of cottage living. We welcome you to enjoy a cup of coffee at sunrise or a glass of wine at sunset in your own charming cottage.